Quality Over Quantity

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If you lead volunteers of any kind, it is a universal truth that you are always in need of more volunteers. I have never met a leader who would say they have more than enough volunteers. Those open slots on your roster can become paralyzing. I’ve been there. It is easy to believe the lie that a full roster equals a successful ministry. The reverse lie is also hard to shake: the greater the open slots, the greater the failure.

Here are three reasons why your goal should be quality over quantity when it comes to recruiting leaders for your ministry.

  • Quality volunteers are contagious. The dedicated volunteers I have the privilege of serving with have recruited more people for the team than I have by a long shot. Invest in them and then watch them exponentially invest in others. In today’s church culture, I believe one volunteer asking another volunteer to join the team carries more weight than a staff member asking.
  • Quality volunteers feel like double. One solid volunteer can feel like an entire team. They are reliable and flexible (for starters) and that goes a long way when it comes to executing ministry.
  • Potential quality volunteers are easier to come by than potential quantity volunteers. Craig Groeschel says, “We don’t find great leaders, we build them.” If you have even one volunteer on your team, you have a potential quality volunteer. To simply increase in number you have to start from scratch.

The next time you feel the open-slot panic feels starting to creep up from within, talk it down by remembering quality, not quantity. Write it on a sticky note and put it on your computer. Chant it to yourself quietly (in the office, not on Sunday).